Tina’s Story

Tina has a Job She Loves

Tina McNeal

Bridges Foundation

Tina has learned that hard work and determination make a big difference. Born with physical and intellectual disabilities including cerebral palsy, everyday life presents extra challenges to Tina, but she hasn’t let that stop her.

Tina has been employed by The Bridges Foundation, a United Way partner agency, since 2001. She works hard performing an important task at her job at the IC Bus Plant in Tulsa. She uses very specialized skills she’s attained as well as a good eye for detail to assemble what is essentially an “electronic brain” for school busses. She has proven herself so adept at this detailed task that she now trains others to do it.

“They know what to do because I trained them on it,” she says, but, she admits with a sly smile, “I have to have patience with them.”

Tina hasn’t let her disabilities slow her down. She lives a very independent life and sets new goals for herself regularly.

“I have to stay busy. I want to be able to fix computers, own a car and get married,” she says.

She makes her own doctors’ appointments, utilizes public transportation to go shopping and attends classes in math, personal finance and computers every Saturday at the public library. Advocacy, including an appearance before the City Council, and volunteering also fills her days.

Tina enjoys staying busy and says, “I love to work. I’ll work till I can’t anymore.” And, with support from The Bridges Foundation, that’s just what she does.