Theresa’s Story

A Rewarding Challenge

Theresa Reese

Employee Campaign Coordinator

Theresa Reese isn’t afraid of a challenge, especially one that comes with so many rewards.

Theresa led a committee of 12 people who conducted the State Farm Insurance Companies’ TAUW Campaign. She originally viewed the assignment as an opportunity to gain developmental experience, but soon saw it as a rewarding challenge.

“The first thing we did was hold a pep rally. We wanted to communicate – Hey! We’re here, and we want you to be involved.”

Theresa also organized tours of partner agencies for fellow employees. She wanted to share what it means to be a part of the community. “The challenge was to make real for people what they were giving to – so we brought in partner agency speakers.”

Theresa was up to the challenge to show her coworkers how their money would go to people who really need it.