The Jenning’s Story

A Brighter Path Forward

The Jennings Family

The Tristesse Grief Center

Joe Jennings’ wife Kristen died after a long fight with cancer and left a devastated husband and two young daughters.

“I had a happy family – we had a lot of fun together. It hurt so bad when she passed.”

The family struggled to stay afloat. Katlyn and Abigail Jennings who were 7 and 6 when their mother died had an especially difficult time. Joe realized that he and his daughters needed help.

So, they turned to The Tristesse Grief Center and found the caring help they needed.

Joe and the girls attend the family group sessions. Katlyn and Abigail attended Healing Hearts camp where they got to laugh with friends, swim, make crafts, and learn healthy ways to grieve. The children who attend camp have all lost a sibling or parent and find a safe place with friends who understand.

Joe admits that his daughters were the main reason he sought help for his family. “We were having trouble even figuring out our path,” says Joe. Now, during their family group sessions, they are able to hear other people’s stories of heartache and healing. “It makes a big difference,” he says.
The Jennings family is still struggling with the loss, but Joe shares that they wouldn’t have come as far as they have without the help of the Grief Center.

“We had hit bottom and they pulled us out.”