Steve’s Story

Taking the First Steps as a Volunteer

Steve Ptak

Emerging Leaders Society

Steve Ptak wanted to pursue volunteer work, but he wasn’t sure how to take that first step.

“I didn’t know how to get involved until I discovered the Emerging Leaders Society,” he says.

He learned about ELS while coordinating a United Way campaign for his employer, QuikTrip.

“Since I was going to ask my fellow employees to get involved with the United Way, either through giving financially or volunteering their time, I wanted to demonstrate to them how I was giving back to my community,” said Steve, 31, who is the Personnel Coordinator for QuikTrip Distribution in Tulsa.

Steve participates in the Reading Partners program at the Hutcherson YMCA, reading to children once a month, conducting mock interviews at Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) every other Friday, and helping out at Street School in any way he can.

“Reading at Hutcherson is not only rewarding for me, it provides a unique opportunity for me to spend quality time with my daughter as well as teaching her the importance of social service,” he says.

“My parents provided so much for me as a child but had a way of teaching me to be thankful for what had and always take time to help those in need,” said Steve. “I want to provide the same type of example and set the same foundation for my daughters.”

The best part about ELS is that it gives a person the platform to get involved, he said. “As a young leader you often don’t know how to help because you might not be sure what is actually important to you. ELS provides that opportunity get out in the community, meet new people, and find out where you have a passion to help.”