Shagah’s Story

Young Professionals Give Back

Shagah Zakerion

Young Professional

Shagah Zakerion knows a good opportunity when she sees one.

Shagah works for Tulsa’s Young Professionals and was introduced to the Tulsa Area United Way on her first day of employment. “The United Way seemed like a great way to get to know my new co-workers and other people in the community.”

Her hunch was strengthened when she took part in Day of Caring. While cleaning at a school that day, Shagah enjoyed the sense of community she felt as she and her co-workers completed their project.

The Women’s Leadership Council was Shagah’s next exposure to TAUW and again she saw an opportunity for young professionals. “This is an awesome way for young people to get involved and network with other women in Tulsa and grow from their experiences in the community. For a young person, it’s a great way to find mentors and grow both professionally and personally.”

“Being involved with the United Way can give young professionals a larger perspective,” she said. “The more you get involved with the community, the more you realize it’s worth giving back. You can truly make an impact on our city and it’s important that young people are leading that charge.”