Michelle’s Story

Gaining Confidence and a Paycheck

Michelle Caldwell

Michelle Caldwell has blossomed since she started her job on a cleaning crew.

She received help getting her job from The Bridges Foundation, a United Way agency that provides vocational services for adults with intellectual disabilities.

She works five days a week with the janitorial staff at the Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League.

“I really like the people I work with and I like earning a paycheck,” Michelle says.

Before receiving training from The Bridges Foundation, she was afraid of slipping while mopping floors or getting tangled in the vacuum cleaner cord. Now she performs her duties with confidence and aplomb.

“She has really matured and is so proud of herself for earning money,” said her mother, Betty Steward.

Michelle lives in a duplex with two other women, with housing and transportation assistance provided by A New Leaf, also a United Way partner agency. She likes to exercise, eat out and go to the movies.

“Michelle has been able to achieve a level of independence in large part due to the United Way. We are so grateful,” says mom.