Melissa’s Story

Women's Leadership Council

Melissa Bogle

Women's Leadership Council

Melissa Bogle began her involvement with the Tulsa Area United Way Women’s Leadership Council at the organization’s inception in 2011. She was drawn to WLC because of her longtime relationship with the United Way which started with her first donation at her first job.

Melissa is dedicated to cultivating the networking opportunities of WLC. “Networking is my favorite part. It is important to leave the ladder down for other women so, as a community, we can lift and support each other. The positive attitude and environment of WLC makes that possible,” she says.

Melissa is the Business Development Manager at GableGotwals Counsel and remains involved in WLC through her positions on the Steering Committee and Marketing Committee. She has also served as Chair of the Marketing Committee.

Melissa has seen the organization’s membership grow exponentially. She says that “now it’s time to focus on engaging our members and cultivating an even stronger network of united and inspired women.”

“Women’s Leadership Council is important because, as women, it is crucial to support one another in a natural way. WLC has a natural community of women all striving for the same thing, empowering women to make a difference in their community. WLC connects women from all walks of life within the Tulsa community and validates the choices of a diverse group of women.”