Megan’s Story

Finding the Leader Within

Megan Weinkauf

Emerging Leaders Society

Megan Weinkauf is a recruiting manager with AcctKnowledge. She was also one of the first members of the Emerging Leaders Society. She joined ELS with little knowledge of how it would benefit her, and has never regretted the decision to give the organization a chance.

“ELS is a group of young professionals giving back to the community and gaining experience and friendships in the process,” Megan said.

“The best part about ELS is the support and confidence that you gain,” Megan said. “You get to know business leaders in the community and you realize that they are just like you. They were young once, and now look at what they have achieved.”

Megan is a member of the mentor program in ELS. She meets with her mentor once a month and they talk about work, life and how to balance the two.

“The advice that I get from my mentor Cathy Gates is priceless,” Megan said. “I would suggest every young professional find a mentor, and ELS is a great way to do that.”