Meagin’s Story

From Angry Youth to Youth Advocate

Meagin B

Mental Health Association Oklahoma

Meagin had become an angry freshman at East Central High School and people who knew her knew something wasn’t right. It’s hard to see now how this bubbly teenager could ever have been sad and angry, but Meagin confirms the story. “I was going through some rough patches and I was angry most of the time,“ said Meagin. “Pretty much every day the smallest things would blow out of proportion for me.”

That’s when the Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s TeenScreen program came to Meagin’s school and became, according to Meagin, the one thing that changed her life the most.

TeenScreen is a voluntary screening program designed to assess the physical and mental well-being of adolescents. Students can access the screening through their schools with parental consent. “It was a computer test that asked a lot of personal questions,” said Meagin. The program uses a computerized questionnaire and interview process to determine if a youth may be at risk for depression, suicide or other mental health problems. Through TeenScreen Meagin was able to identify what she was feeling and started regular counseling to address her troubling emotions.