Lucky’s Story

Lucky Found a Safe Place

Lucky Campbell


Before he got involved with the YMCA, Joshua “Lucky” Campbell struggled to gain confidence.

Lucky’s journey with the YMCA began in the first grade when his single mother sought out a safe haven that she could trust for her shy, bullied, and autistic child while she went to work.

Now 14, Lucky is a familiar face at the Y due to his active participation in youth activities including summer day camps, volunteer opportunities, Teen Leadership camps, Counselor-in-Training programs, Winter Retreat, and Camp Takatoka. With a smile, Lucky says, “The Y is my home away from home.”

As Lucky continues to tackle the challenges of autism, the staff at the YMCA remains by his side, as friends, coaching and cultivating his communication skills and self-esteem. Vicki Campbell, Lucky’s mother, says, “He is so happy there because he is free to be himself, regardless of his differences and areas of struggle.”

At the Y, Lucky has transformed from an isolated, anxious child to a cheerful, adventurous young man who loves to zipline down the track at Camp Takatoka. The positive influence Lucky found at the YMCA has provided him the skills he needed to make friends, and set goals for the future.

Lucky is a Counselor-in-Training and plans to work for the Y as a counselor and lifeguard when he turns 16. Lucky says, “The counselors at the YMCA weren’t going to give up on me.”