Lindsey’s Story

I Am Capable of Succeeding

Lindsey Arias

Client/Resident 12 & 12

Lindsey Arias became “her old self again” after enrolling in the 12 & 12 substance abuse treatment program.

“Not only that, my children became happier and better adjusted after having their mother back,” she says.

Lindsey checked into the program after 12 years of abusing alcohol and painkillers.

“Drug abuse cost me everything – my marriage, my home, custody of my children, self esteem, you name it. I didn’t want to live anymore.”

Now she’s getting all that back. She is in the final phase of the program known as Sober Living.

In that phase, she lives in a 12 & 12 residence, continues counseling and group therapy, and works full-time at a local restaurant. Best of all, she visits her children every weekend.

“During it all, the hardest part was letting go of my fears and realizing that I am capable of succeeding.”

Next fall, she will begin her last year of college. She plans to become a teacher.