Linda’s Story

Moving Forward with Confidence

Linda B.

Client, DVIS/Call Rape

Linda lived through the nightmares of a physically and emotionally hurtful mother, sexual assault at the age of 12, and an abusive marriage, but she’s moving forward.

After separating from her second and controlling husband, Linda ended up in Tulsa and a friend told her about DVIS/Call Rape. “It took me a year to call, but when I did, the receptionist eased my fears and helped me find the courage to seek help.”

Linda received counseling through DVIS. “My counselor said, ‘You’re in a safe place. Linda, from this day on you’re moving forward.’ And, now, whenever I get scared, I think, ‘Linda, you’re moving forward.’”

Since coming to DVIS, Linda’s health has improved and she’s making strides emotionally.

“I was physically ill and mentally depleted. This place [DVIS] was life-saving for me,” said Linda. “In counseling I’m able to talk, but also to step out of my past. I left it behind and didn’t carry it out with me. Moving forward – that’s what I hold onto.”