Leslie’s Story

Networking Through Community Service

Leslie Warner

Women's Leadership Council

Leslie Warner’s first experience with the United Way was as a Bluebird in Camp Fire USA. Since then she has served TAUW as a Community Investments panel volunteer, Loaned Executive, a staff member and has assisted in various roles with her workplace United Way annual campaign. “Every role has been a great experience and helped me grow in different ways.”

Leslie’s most recent connection to TAUW has been with the Women’s Leadership Council. “It’s been a win-win situation, I am able to learn more about local agencies and network while helping other people. Through the WLC, I have the opportunity to meet people I may not otherwise have the chance to meet while at the same time helping the community.”

Leslie participated in several tours of United Way partner agencies through the WLC. One tour in particular piqued her interest. During the tour of The Parent Child Center of Tulsa, she was introduced to their Kids on the Block puppets program.

“That looks like fun!” she recalls thinking. While attending a few of the skits in the schools, she enjoyed the children’s interaction with the puppets as they discussed difficult topics such as bullying, divorce, stranger danger or abuse. “I have a passion to teach others and this is one way I can fulfill that desire. The kids feel more comfortable with the puppets than they might with real people.” She has since signed up to be trained as a professional puppeteer with the program.

Now Leslie has found yet another way to be involved with the United Way, by changing children’s lives through puppets.