LaVerne’s Story

Knitting Together a Community

LaVerne Branch

RSVP Volunteer

LaVerne Branch is proud to be a Knittin’ Kitten.

Several years ago LaVerne saw Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)’s knitting group featured on television and thought “I can do that!”

The Knittin’ Kittens are a group of retired volunteers who create colorful, warm scarves and hats for children at local schools – children who might not otherwise have these necessary items.

“We have so much fun in our little group,” said LaVerne.

RSVP is a TAUW partner agency that engages the retired population through volunteer work. They strive to sustain volunteerism in the community.

LaVerne’s husband, Tom, is also involved with RSVP and volunteers with LaVerne at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

“I told him he couldn’t sit and watch CNN all day. I wanted him out of the house,”
Laverne said of her husband after he retired.

Last winter, LaVerne was able to help deliver the knitted items to the school and pass them out to the children.

“One little boy told us, ‘We don’t have hats and scarves at my house,'” She remembers. “It makes them feel good about themselves.”

The Knittin’ Kittens also make a variety of other items that are distributed to many other nonprofits in the Tulsa area. LaVerne likes to knit small, simple dolls for children in local hospitals.

“You’re giving back something to the community – something they need.”