Kevin’s Story

Advancing the Common Good

Kevin Gross

Member, Board of Directors, Campaign Cabinet

Kevin Gross, President and CEO of Hillcrest HealthCare System, has a storied history with the United Way. For 25 years, he’s been a part of the United Way in every city he’s called home.

“Because of the efficient structure and local control of the United Way, it’s hands down, the best way to address the needs of the community,” Kevin explains. Even if it means losing his hair.

During the 2011 campaign, Kevin offered to shave his full head of hair in exchange for his employees’ reaching their United Way campaign goal. They missed it by a fraction.

However, Kevin renewed his offer this year.

Serving as a United Way volunteer has put Kevin in contact with like-minded people committed to making a difference in the community. He likes to be a part of an organization that allows people the opportunity to give back to those around them in ways that are fun, inventive and outside the scope of their daily jobs.

Regarding his hair, “I really hope we make it. It’s just hair and I’m sure it will grow back – just maybe not as fast at my age.”