Kelly’s Story

Getting Involved to Learn

Kelly Hathcoat

Women's Leadership Council/Emerging Leaders Society/Employee Campaign Coordinator, Compression Solutions

Kelly Hathcoat decided that if she was going to be an employee campaign coordinator for her organization, Compression Solutions, she should probably find out more about the Tulsa Area United Way.

“I didn’t know what United Way did and I decided that if I’m raising money for this organization, I should understand their mission and how they operate.”

So she got involved.

She is now an active member of the Women’s Leadership Council and the Emerging Leadership Society. She has attended numerous partner agency tours with WLC and ELS. “The agency tours bring me back to reality,” Kelly said when describing what she takes away from these visits. She has a goal to visit all 60 United Way partner agencies.

Kelly has also started volunteering with partner agency Broken Arrow Neighbors, helping with food and utility assistance. She also volunteers through WLC with The Salvation Army Angel Tree program during the holidays.

All of these experiences have helped her in her fundraising efforts for the United Way. “I decided to talk the talk and walk the walk,” said Kelly.