Jody’s Story

I Had Something to Offer that Someone Else Needed

Jody Williams

Women's Leadership Council Member

Jody Williams’ life has been enriched by the former substance abuser she now mentors.

Through the Tulsa Area United Way Women’s Leadership Council, Jody is in a mentoring relationship with a graduate of Family & Children’s Services Women in Recovery program. But Jody acknowledges that she is getting just as much from the relationship as she’s giving. “I’m learning more than I teach. It’s a win-win!”

During her stint as a Loaned Executive with the United Way, Jody was inspired to give back when she toured several Tulsa Area United Way partner agencies. She was able to see where she could make a difference. “I saw that the need was there. I had something to offer that someone else could use,” Jody said.

As for her involvement with the WLC and what that has provided her, Jody remembers that she was struck by the leadership examples. She was excited to have opportunities to see women in leadership roles – women she could emulate.

“As women, we don’t always have the courage to lead,” she said. “But WLC is all about empowerment from other women.”