Jeremy’s Story

Company Spirit of Community Service

Jeremy Johnson

Day of Caring Volunteer

or the past 10 years, Jeremy Johnson and his co-workers at Neosource, Inc., have closed their doors and spent a day volunteering to help build a stronger community.

Jeremy attributes this spirit of community service to the company’s organizational values.

“Our owners truly believe in the difference one can make by being involved in his or her community,” Jeremy said.

He explains that the company first got involved with Day of Caring shortly after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. He remembers a heightened awareness of those in need around him.

In response to completely halting operations for one day, Jeremy remarked, “Work can pile up, but Day of Caring is totally worth it.”

He remembers some of the projects he and his co-workers have completed, and feels gratified when driving past a park or a playground that he helped to build.

He describes the Day of Caring as a very dramatic, worthwhile event. “It is a great way to spend time with co-workers, meet new people and be a part of a larger effort to improve our community.”