Jenny’s Story

Finding Her Future

Jenny Fitzgerald

Street School

Each day when Jenny Fitzgerald walks into Street School to serve as lead counselor, it feels like coming home. She says even the smells seem familiar.

Jenny found refuge at Street School in the early ‘90s when her home life was plagued with alcoholism and spinning out of control.

“I didn’t know I could have a future and had no expectation of going to college,” says Jenny. But that all changed when Jenny arrived at Street School and met her counselor, Pat. “I was finally able to realize my potential and that I had something to give back.”

Jenny went on to earn a bachelor’s degree and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a master’s degree. She and Pat continued a mentoring relationship, and when he was retiring, Jenny found her place again at Street School.

Jenny acknowledges the importance of the therapeutic counseling the students at Street School receive, and is excited to be the one who provides it now. “I can really relate to the students and that plays a large part in supporting them.”

“I help them see that, just like for me, the circus of their daily lives doesn’t have to define them.”