Javion’s Story

Wonder, Discovery and Hope Through Reading


Reading Partners

Books are a new frontier of wonder, discovery and hope for seven-year-old Javion.

Like many of his classmates, Javion struggled with reading, a sure sign of difficulty ahead.

Third graders who fall behind in reading often spend the remainder of their school years catching up, if they do at all, said Michael Singleton, a volunteer with Reading Partners.

Third-grade reading levels are a critical tipping point for future student success and are an increasing focus of schools.

Reading Partners, a United Way partner agency, works to enhance reading skills of students through its corps of volunteers.

“Javion and I meet every week to read, review spelling and grammar, and discuss ideas presented through books,” Michael says.

Michael is Javion’s mentor through Reading Partners. By trade, he is a computer instructor and student mentor/adviser at Tulsa Community College.

“When you help to improve other people lives, that feeling of giving and being selfless is priceless,” Michael says.

Javion is leading his class in the number of books he takes home to read, and the number of book reports submitted to his teacher.

“I really like to read,” Javion says. “Michael has helped me a lot.”