Jamie’s Story

Safe and Sound

Jamie Bigpond

Client, Okmulgee Family Resource Center

Jamie Bigpond used to live in Pryor, Okla., where she endured an abusive relationship. With no one to turn to, she found help at the Okmulgee Family Resource Center, a partner agency of the Tulsa Area United Way.

When Bigpond and her three sons arrived at OFRC, she had been in such a hurry that one of her sons was missing shoes.
The Resource Center provided the shoes he needed and more. The family received a safe room and necessities such as toothpaste, shampoo, and clean linens.

“I didn’t leave that room for about two weeks because I felt so safe—at least until court orders were in place,” Bigpond said.
OFRC handled her legal matters, protection and transportation.

She also received counseling and learned the steps to move on with her life.
As a part of the program at OFRC, Bigpond was provided a list of objectives for recovery. Bigpond completed her goals in three months, and now lives in a transitional house.

Bigpond is studying to be a certified nursing assistant at Green Country Technology Center. With three children, it is not easy going to school, but she is determined to start fresh.

“I have great gratitude. If it wasn’t for this place, I would probably be right back where I was. The staff at OFRC is not there to make a paycheck; they put their heart and soul into their work.” she said.