Jamey’s Story

Finding a Purpose in Life

Jamey Engle

Show, Inc.

Jamey Engle has an infectious smile under a pristine cowboy hat. But it hasn’t always been that way.

“My brother hasn’t had a lot of successes in life,” says Don Engle, Jamey’s brother and guardian. Jamey is severely disabled and has struggled, along with his family, to find his place in life. “We haven’t always known where to turn,” says Don.

Enter Show, Inc., a Tulsa Area United Way partner agency in Sapulpa that offers vocational services to people with disabilities.

“It’s amazing to see the things he has accomplished because of Show. He has a better understanding of money and how to save for a goal. He’s achieved things I only dreamed of before,” says Don.

It was important to Jamey’s family that he have a purpose in life and learn responsibility, money management and how to work toward a goal. Jamey’s work at Show was also able to change his attitude and his outlook on life, according to Don.

Show designed a work program around Jamey. He started with 15-minute sessions and has worked up to six-hour shifts sorting recyclables. He now also trains other Show participants

“Show has made sure Jamey has job satisfaction and helped him reach his goals. They’ve worked with him to help focus and complete tasks,” says Don. “It’s amazing what they can accomplish.”

Matching his brother’s smile with his own, Don relates how his work at Show makes Jamey happy – and Jamey answers with a chipper, “Yep!”