Isabelle’s Story

A Second Chance


Street School

By the beginning of her sophomore year of high school, skipping class had become a common practice for Isabelle.

She used cigarettes, practiced self-harm and eventually experienced suicidal thoughts because of the stress and emotional fatigue associated with being bullied. Isabelle’s life was on a quick downward spiral. Fortunately, her mother noticed and recommended they check out Street School, a United Way partner agency.

After her successful evaluation interview, Isabelle began to get “super, super excited” about the possibility of attending Street School. She viewed Street School as “a second chance for a good majority of people that are there.”

However, once enrolled, her problems did not magically disappear overnight. Even at Street School, Isabelle struggled to turn her life around. However, with consistent therapeutic counseling Street School provides, and some additional support services, she experienced a turning point.

She began to have a better appreciation for what Street School offered her and her peers. She quickly realized how much her teachers truly cared for her, and began to build a community of quality friends committed to helping each other.

Because of Street School, Isabelle has been clean for over a year, no longer struggles with self-harm or suicidal thoughts, and has enjoyed a drastic improvement in her relationship with her mother.

Before Street School, Isabelle simply did not care about much, especially in regards to her future. Now, because of Street School’s, therapists, teachers, and friends, Isabelle can envision a life after high school that includes graduation and post-secondary opportunities.