Gary’s Story

Gary is Hard at Work

Gary Colbert

Center for Employment Opportunities

Gary Colbert is working to create a better life and support his five-year-old son, Gary III.

Due to a criminal record, Gary found himself struggling to find a job. He found the help he needed when he was referred to The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO).

CEO, a Tulsa Area United Way partner agency, is an organization dedicated to providing immediate, effective and comprehensive employment services to men and women with recent criminal convictions.

CEO focuses on coaching individuals in getting and keeping a job. Gary learned interview skills and work ethic through a transitional job crew. “At CEO, they teach you that ‘jobs help get jobs’ and that hard work is worth the effort,” he says.

With the help of CEO, Gary developed his communication skills and gained the confidence he needed to reintegrate into the community. “They actually care about you and your success there. They tell you ‘good job’ and ‘thank you.’ They are grateful for your work and you are grateful for theirs.”
Since receiving help from CEO, Gary works as technician at Rocket Lube and graduated from Tulsa Welding School.

“CEO has changed my life. They motivated me to get out there and get my foot in the door.”