Fenix Family’s Story

Getting the Healthcare They Needed

The Fenix Family

Morton Comprehensive Health Services

Two-year-old Aaron Fenix has kept his parents busy.

He was born six weeks early while his parents, Melissa and Nick, were driving through Tennessee, on their way to a family funeral.

Three weeks later, he was allowed to leave the hospital in Hermitage, Tenn.

However, shortly after the family returned, Melissa and Nick noticed something was wrong.

“He wasn’t swallowing properly,” Melissa recalled.

The couple visited Morton Comprehensive Health Services, a United Way partner agency, located just two block from their home in Tulsa.
A Morton pediatrician noticed Aaron was having seizures as well. The family was referred to a neurologist at St. Francis Hospital where their son was diagnosed with epilepsy. In addition, he suffered from a condition in which his esophagus did not properly close while eating.

“He was under weight, but now he’s doing very well,” Melissa said.

The couple is able to control his condition through medication, thanks to the help of Morton professionals. A Morton attorney also helped them obtain disability to help pay for Aaron’s medical bills.

“I don’t know where we’d be without them,” Nick says.

Melissa and Nick are students at Brown Mackie College, both majoring in criminal justice, and expect to graduate next year.

“I was a victim of domestic violence,” Melissa says. “I want to help young people who might be in the same predicament.”

Nick wants to work with juveniles in the criminal justice system.