Erin’s Story

Hometown Help

Erin Brook

Executive Director, Youth Services of Creek County 2013 Sapulpa United Way Campaign Chair

Erin Brook has always been a hometown girl. Even at the age of 10, she knew she wanted to help people in Sapulpa, where she grew up. After graduating with bachelors and masters degrees, that is just where she has ended up, serving as executive director of Youth Services of Creek County.

Even though Sapulpa is right outside Tulsa, the culture is very different. We know our neighbors,” said Erin.

YSCC serves more than 400 children in Creek County every year through their shelter, in-school counseling, and other programs.
“Our shelter provides a safe place for kids, when there’s some reason that they can’t be at home,” Erin explained.

The children in the shelter go to school, learn valuable life skills, participate in recreation, sit at the dinner table together and are responsible for chores. “Our ultimate goal is to reunite them with their families and help them find the services they need.”

But Erin’s passion for helping people in Sapulpa doesn’t stop there. She is also involved in the United Way campaign in Sapulpa and served as co-chair in 2012 and chair in 2013. “I’ve seen the generosity of Creek County – we’re a very close-knit community,” said Erin. Erin worked hard to make sure her friends and neighbors knew that even giving one dollar could make a difference.

“People can be very generous when they want to help their hometown and they have those personal connections. I know – I share these roots.”