Dena’s Story

Learning to Read

Dena Livingston

Client, Creek County Literacy Program

Dena Livingston would spend every day at the Creek County Literacy Program if she could.

The organization helped her learn about history and adventure through reading. It has also helped her understand how to use technology in daily life.

“I’ve learned to go online and search for something I want to know. Now I know how to do that and have access to all kinds of information,” Dena said.

Dena has been an exemplary student at Creek County Literacy. She has excelled in her tutoring, jumping up three reading levels in a year.

“I just like to read. I wanted to learn how to read better so that I could read Laura Ingalls Wilder and Nancy Drew books, and so I could learn about history. Those are my favorite things to read about.”

Dena lives on her own with her pet guinea pigs and practices her reading daily through workbooks.