Christy’s Story

We All Win When a Child Succeeds

Christy Hays

Women's Leadership Council

When Christy Hays toured Street School along with other members of the Women’s Leadership Council, she noticed the school was lacking computers.

“I knew I had to do something about it,” says Christy, a representative with AFLAC in Tulsa.

She contacted the school and told them she wanted to establish a computer lab. A computer assessment revealed there were technology needs throughout the school.

Apache Corp. – an oil and gas exploration company – agreed to donate computers to the school on an ongoing basis.

Christy says she will get the computers functioning by raising money to purchase operating systems and software.

She has always been a United Way supporter, working to attract small businesses to the Tulsa Area United Way’s Small Business Campaign in the past.

She also plans to become a mentor through the Women’s Leadership Council, helping to prepare the next generation of women leaders for community service and philanthropy.

“The Women’s Leadership Council is about making connections and meeting community needs.

“The United Way represents my own personal philosophy of giving and community service – it’s an opportunity for me to support the work of its 61 different agencies.”