Bianca’s Story

She Found a Place Where People Cared

Bianca Gray

Student - Street School

Bianca Gray knows what it is to face adversity and have to fend for herself. In fact she’s been on her own since she was a young teenager. That is, until she found Street School.

Bianca was introduced to Street School by a counselor at her home high school. At first Bianca was anything but excited to be there.

“Like any school – I didn’t like it. I didn’t think it was special or see why I needed to be here,” she said.

Because of her past, Bianca kept herself well-guarded. It took some time for the Street School staff, faculty and students to earn her trust.

“They had to prove they cared about me,” said Bianca.

Now her attitude and outlook are very different.

“Now I see what they see in me – that I have potential, opportunities and a future,” she said. “I feel like I’m around the family I never had [at Street School]. This place is open, loving, caring – it’s like home.”