Becky’s Story

Small Gifts Matter

Becky Barrows


Becky Barrows was a single mother struggling to raise three small children when she first participated in a workplace campaign on behalf of the Tulsa Area United Way.

“I had a lower-level position, but I thought I should give something back, so I decided to give an hour of pay,” says Becky, who, at that time, worked at the Bank of Oklahoma. “I watched the United Way video and thought, ‘there are people worse off than me.’”

Through the years, as Becky began to receive promotions, she steadily increased her giving. “When I became a manager at BOK, I increased my contribution to one day’s pay.”

“As an incentive to participate in the United Way campaign, BOK often offered employees a day off,” she recalls. “I always made that day off a special day with my children – we would go to the movies or engage in some other special activity.”

For the next 20 years, she remained a committed United Way contributor, and as she entered management, became a Leadership Donor.

Today, she is Director of Payment Solutions at TTCU Federal Credit Union and is more enthusiastic about supporting the United Way than ever.

“My experience is proof that small gifts matter,” she says. “Because when we all give what we can afford, collectively, it makes a big impact.”