Bear’s Story

All of Us Need Help Sometimes

Mike "Bear" Messick

Member, Board of Directors, Community Investment Panel Labor Representative

“Bear” is a proud member of the United Way family, serving multiple roles: board member, labor representative, community investment panel member, volunteer and chef.

Also known as Mike Messick, Bear has completed several terms on the Tulsa Area United Way Board of Directors, representing the labor community. But he may be more famous for his venison chili.

“I started out cooking hamburgers and hot dogs at United Way agency events.” Since then, he’s become a chef in demand.

Bear is a longtime American Airlines employee, working as a stock clerk in the shipping and receiving department, and has served as an executive board officer for the Transport Workers Union for 19 years.

“All of us could use some help at one time or another, that’s why the United Way is here.”

Bear has served on a United Way Community Investment Panel for 10 years.

“I’m proud to be part of the Tulsa Area United Way – our agencies are carefully screened and held accountable. They’re the experts in their fields.”

Bear also has been involved in counselor training classes offered by the United Way to union members.

“We train our peers to help each other on the shop floor. They’re more comfortable asking each other where to seek assistance when they need it.”