Ashley’s Story

Building the Community and Her Team

Ashley Johnson

Employee Campaign Coordinator, ONB Bank and Trust Company

Conducting a United Way campaign is an opportunity to support the community and engage in spirited team-building activities for Ashley Johnson and her fellow employees at ONB Bank and Trust Company.

Ashley, who is senior vice president, human resources, has served as the bank’s United Way employee campaign coordinator for several years.

“We wanted to ensure that our contributions remained in Tulsa and had a meaningful impact,” Ashley said. “That’s why the United Way was a perfect fit for our charitable giving.”

Ashley and her team have employed some creative fundraising strategies through the years, limited only by their imaginations. They tried a few things that worked, and a few that didn’t.

“Our employee cookbook was wildly successful,” she said. “Staff members contributed family recipes and we compiled them into a cookbook that generated a lot of sales.”

The bank’s annual silent auction, jeans passes and day-off benefits also are popular, the yard sale not so much.

“You live and learn!” she says.

The bank also challenges it six Tulsa branches to achieve 100 percent participation among employees in a friendly competition. The award has become coveted among bank staff.

“We really have a lot of fun with our campaign, and our employees feel good about giving back to their community.”