Anne’s Story

Women Leading the Way

Anne Adams

Senior Manager, BKD, LLP, Women's Leadership Council Steering Committee

Anne Adams was searching for a way to become more involved in her community. She is a SeniorManager CPA with BKD, LLP. and wanted to discover a way to use her talents and abilities to give back.
That’s when she heard about the new Women’s Leadership Council at the Tulsa Area United Way.

“I liked the mission, so I started going on the monthly agency tours to see what it was all about,” said Anne.

She was soon surprised by how much she learned on each tour. “I am always able to get a better understanding of each agency’s mission.”

Anne is now the chair of the WLC’s Agency Tour Committee as well as a member of the WLC Steering Committee.

“I would tell other women to definitely consider getting involved with the WLC. There are so many options, you can join a committee and take on a leadership role in an area that interests you.”

Another appealing aspect of the WLC for Anne is getting to know other women leaders in the community.

“It can be hard to find female role models and I think it’s important to encourage women who are working hard to improve their community.”