Angie’s Story

Keeping Her Safe and Healthy

Angie Atiyeh

Client, Tulsa Cares

Angie Atiyeh represents a demographic not commonly associated with HIV/AIDS: middle-aged women.

“That was really true in 1988,” said Angie, referring to when she suspects contracting the virus. “Then I went without treatment for a really long time.”

In 1996, she got sick and discovered she was HIV-positive. That’s when she discovered Tulsa CARES.

“If it wasn’t for Tulsa CARES, I wouldn’t be talking with you today,” Angie says. “They literally saved my life.”

Tulsa CARES, a United Way partner agency, helped steer Angie toward a variety of health and social services. They also assisted her with basic needs: housing, utilities and food. “They even helped me get eyeglasses.” But more than that: “they prevented me from being homeless,” she admits.

Today, Angie is thriving on her medications, supplied through Medicare Part D and Tulsa CARES. She lives alone with her cat Nala, spends time with her three children and six grandchildren, and enjoys going to garage sales.

“Now my family has expanded – the whole staff of Tulsa CARES has become my family.”