Amy’s Story

How Do I Conduct an Employee Campaign?

Amy Stephens

Employee Campaign Coordinator

That was the question facing Amy Stephens as a first-time employee campaign coordinator (ECC.)

She decided to start out simple, yet effective.

As Manager of the Tulsa City-County Library’s Martin Regional Library in East Tulsa, Amy decided to issue a challenge to her fellow managers across the library system.

“I was so impressed by the various challenge grants issued in support of the United Way, so I decided to come up with my own,” she said.

Amy challenged library managers to double the number of leadership givers among their ranks, from 11 to 22. “We hit 21 – not too bad!”

In her second year as an employee campaign coordinator, Amy plans to reach into the ECC toolbox and offer her employees incentives and agency tours.

“An ECC has such a pivotal role in the success of the United Way. The effort is small compared to the impact and reward.”